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Busbar installation engineering calculation

Busbar installation engineering calculation

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The calculation of the installation capacity of the busway, the distance of the bracket, the number of elbows
The calculation of the installation capacity of the busway, the distance of the bracket, the number of elbows, the calculation of the number of boxes at the beginning of the terminal box, etc. are all issues that we should consider during the installation of the busbar. 
The fixed support hangers and spring supports of the low-voltage closed plug-in busbars are generally supplied and supplied by the manufacturer according to the installation position and the produced seals when ordering the plug-in enclosed busbars. There are very few cases of self-processing. The busway is installed with one spring bracket and two fixed brackets per layer. When the sealing mother is installed horizontally: it is generally 1.8~2m one bracket. The bracket and the iron member can be calculated by weight, and the sleeve hanger is installed to make a fixed sub-item. The bracket is counted as a few meters, calculated according to the design drawings, and the drawings are not known to contact the designer.
The incoming and outgoing junction boxes of the sealed busway are respectively provided with corresponding sub-heads.
The GLMC type lighting busway housing is pultrusion molded from high-quality aluminum alloy, which is light in weight, small in size and high in mechanical strength, and can meet the requirements of large span installation. The busbar conductors are made of high-quality copper bars, and the outer casing is also used as a PE wire. The grounding effect is good and the use is safer. Use high temperature, flame retardant insulation material, good insulation performance. Multiple plug-in interfaces can be set at any position of the busway slot for flexible installation and convenient tapping. The busbar shell is equipped with special card slots to install various lighting fixtures and sockets. Simply attach the accessories into the slot and install them. The installation is firm and reliable, and the appearance is elegant, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The plug-in switch box can be configured with various protection circuit schemes to provide a strong guarantee for the safe operation of the system.
Low-voltage closed plug-in busbars Current per phase current (below A) What is the consumption of the busbar-specific accessories for each submeter of 2000 subheads?
1. The special accessories and parts for the installation of the low-voltage closed plug-in busbars are supplied and supplied by the supplier according to the closed plug-in busbars ordered. A pair of spring brackets on each floor, two fixed brackets on the wall, connecting plates for connecting the busbar slots, connecting bolts, nuts, flat washers, spring washers and grounding connecting cords.
2. The length of each section of the busway is determined according to the design drawing according to the height of the floor. The length of each section is the height of one floor, and the accessories are configured according to the manufacturer.