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Information will become the only way for small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their competitiveness


Technological innovation is the key to the core competitiveness. China Digital has built a strong information research and development and operation team with nearly 2,000 software research and development personnel. It is the chairman unit of the "Changfeng Alliance Internet Information Service Promotion Working Group" of the Ministry of Science and Technology. It has truly proposed a SaaS service system with Chinese characteristics and built standards and specifications suitable for China's IT service operation with SPS as the core. In terms of ICT infrastructure, China Digital has established professional data centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou and other places, realized the interconnection of North-South telecommunications, built a highly secure and reliable network environment, and has more than 3,000 operating equipment. Through the establishment of joint laboratories with NetApp, HP and other companies, computing pooling and storage pooling have been realized. In the field of e-commerce, it has pioneered the development of an e-commerce platform with on-demand and personalized services. It has applied for more than ten technical patents and has become a pilot enterprise of patent engine in Beijing.

The Group believes that in the information age of economic globalization, informatization will become the only way for SMEs to enhance their competitiveness, and e-commerce will become the key path for enterprises to achieve informatization. Therefore, the Group will continue to focus on promoting the e-commerce and informatization process of Chinese SMEs, continue to innovate, continue to introduce more and better services, build intelligent Chinese enterprises, and achieve smart entrepreneurs!

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