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Take you to understand the Guangzhou wire casing manufacturers


Guangzhou wire casing factory is the production of professional manufacturers of wire casing. Wire casing is a kind of plastic tube, used to wrap the wire, play a moisture-proof, waterproof, fireproof, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance and so on. The wire sleeve has the characteristics of not easy to age, good softness, and long use time, and is widely used in household, industry, construction and other fields.

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Guangzhou wire casing manufacturers trustworthy


Without a wire sleeve, the wire is very vulnerable to damage in harsh working conditions and may even be dangerous. The wire casing of Guangzhou wire casing manufacturer is an indispensable part of the wire system, and its quality plays a vital role in the stable operation of the entire wire system.

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Understand the product quality of Guangzhou wire casing manufacturers


Guangzhou wire casing manufacturers specializing in the production of various wire casing, without them, our electrical equipment will not be able to connect to the power supply, can not operate normally. However, in this ever-changing era, how do wire and sleeve manufacturers respond to changes?

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Standard for Fireproof Cable Tray

Standard for Fireproof Cable Tray


The fire safety ability of the bridge lies in its material and manufacturing process, and the waterproof ability of different materials and manufacturing process has errors, so the standardized setting of the fireproof cable bridge is very important, which can make the fireproof cable bridge more unified and reliable. The cable tray is divided into internal flame retardant, external flame retardant and full flame retardant. The important part is the fireproof board.

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How to do a good job in the transport of cable tray?

How to do a good job in the transport of cable tray?


During the transportation of the cable tray, due to the road conditions and the quality of the tray itself, it will cause a certain degree of wear and damage to the product. How to do a good job of cable tray transportation?

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The future development of glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray will be how?

The future development of glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray will be how?


Speaking of glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray, from nearly two centuries ago the birth of the cable, from the middle of the 19th century the first cable came out to the present, the cable industry has made considerable development and progress. The cable industry has made great progress in technology and scale, and has gradually become an important driving force for the sustainable development of the modern world economy. The cable plays a more important role in the social and economic life of all countries. Some people even compare the cable to the blood vessels of today's society, which is enough to explain the role of cable and FRP cable in today's society.

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