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How to do a good job in the transport of cable tray?


  Cable TrayDuring transportation, due to the road conditions and the quality of the bridge itself, it will cause a certain degree of wear and damage to the product. How to do a good job of cable tray transportation?

First of all, to ensure the quality of the cable tray, excellent quality can guarantee the bearing capacity of the bridge frame, and will not be deformed during transportation and bearing, so as to ensure the conditions of reaching the construction site or leaving the factory. Due to the unconventional products, only provincial capitals or cities have manufacturers, cable tray manufacturers are generally long-distance transport.

There is no need to ensure the installation of the cable tray. Good installation can greatly reduce the conflict of the product during transportation, greatly improve the intact rate of the product, and ensure that the cable tray does not drop paint when it arrives at the construction site.

Good cable tray packaging, the factory to solve the problem of bridge and paint conflict, protect, and packed together to avoid collision.

When installing the cable tray, the load is a very important data, and it is also an important data to understand the data. During the installation process, the load is very important, so many people will care about it when choosing the load. Because the load of the cable bridge will have different choices according to different situations.

Fixed cable bridge also means that each cable bridge of different models and types will have a fixed bearing capacity, so when using, it is also necessary to consider the actual requirements of the site in order to select the required cable bridge specifications and types.

The load of the cable also needs to be determined according to the fulcrum and number of layers of different types of bridges, so that we can have a certain understanding so that the load does not exceed the load. For some heavy loads, there may be additional loads, which can be increased by increasing the thickness of the bridge. To increase.

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