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Standard for Fireproof Cable Tray


  BridgeThe fire safety ability lies in its material and manufacturing process, the waterproof ability of different materials and manufacturing process has errors, so the standardized setting of fireproof cable tray is very important, which can make the fireproof cable tray more unified and reliable. The cable tray is divided into internal flame retardant, external flame retardant and full flame retardant. The important part is the fireproof board. The refractory plate is made of silicon and calcium materials as the main raw materials, with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, adhesives and chemical additives, and is made by autoclaving process. After molding, the cross-sectional shape is uniform, without distortion, cracks, edges and other defects. But no matter what kind of fireproof cable tray, all need to meet the national cable tray standard.

Fire retardant coating is an effective tool for steel structure maintenance. The polymer synthetic resin is selected as the film-forming material, which is made of flame retardant, foaming agent, carbon forming agent and high temperature refractory material. Under high temperature conditions, the coating has the effect of foaming and expansion, forming a soft, sponge-like carbonized heat insulation layer, so that the load-bearing steel structure will not be rapidly softened and deformed by the action of high temperature flame, and the strength will not drop sharply. The surface fireproof coating shall be evenly sprayed and smooth without obvious color difference.

At present, the fireproof cable tray has been widely used in various fields of cable laying, and has played a good role in cable maintenance. Do a good job in the fire retardant cable, is unmatched by other stainless steel cable tray.

The 1. fireproof cable tray adopts the national fireproof cable standard. The fire prevention period requires a thickness of not less than 1mm, and the fire resistance limit needs to be greater than 30min, which is the standard for the fire protection effect of general cable fire retardant coatings. Basic fireproof steel, fire-resistant cable outer layer has a layer of refractory material.

2. try to choose steel or incombustible and flame retardant cable tray. The fireproof cable tray adopts steel shell, double-layer fireproof cover plate and inorganic fireproof box. The uniform thickness of the thermal insulation layer is 25mm, double-layer cover plate is adopted for ventilation, and fireproof coating is sprayed inside. When the fireproof cable tray encounters fire, the coating expands. The fire resistance test is 60 minutes, the cable is in good condition, and the support structure is in good condition.

When laying fireproof cable tray, the following points should be noted:

Add outer fireproof coating to prevent fire-resistant bridge from burning and spread of fire. It has good flame retardant and flame retardant effect, and has the characteristics of fire prevention, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and non-toxic.

In fact, the bridge itself will not catch fire, only the cable may catch fire, so now many projects directly use fireproof cables, saving the cost of cable tray and later maintenance.

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