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The connection of voltage distribution devices at all levels in substations, as well as the connection of electrical equipment such as transformers and corresponding distribution devices, mostly rectangular or circular cross-section bare wires or stranded wires, which are collectively referred to as busbars. The role of the bus is to collect, distribute and transmit electrical energy. Because the bus in operation, there is a huge electric energy through, short circuit, bear a lot of heat and electric power effect, therefore, must be reasonable selection of bus material, cross-sectional shape and cross-sectional area to meet the requirements of safe and economic operation.
The bus is divided into hard bus and soft bus according to the structure. The hard bus is divided into rectangular bus and tubular bus.
Rectangular bus is generally used in the main transformer to the distribution room, its advantages are convenient construction and installation, small changes in operation, large carrying capacity, but the cost is higher.
The flexible bus is used outdoors. Due to the large space, the swing of the conductor will not cause insufficient distance between the wires. Soft bus construction is simple, low cost.
In recent years, in the design of the substation, for more than 35kV bus, there is the use of aluminum alloy material made of tubular bus. This busbar structure can reduce the interphase distance between busbars. The junction line is clear and the maintenance amount is small, but the busbar fixing fittings are more complicated.

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