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Guangzhou busway manufacturers tell you why large-capacity current equipment needs to choose busway


At present, due to the building, factories and other different building power needs, and there is an increasing trend year by year, the use of the original circuit wiring design, that is, through the tube way, construction can bring many difficulties, and, when to change the distribution management system, to make it simple is almost impossible, however,BusbarThe emergence of a very good solution to the above analysis of all these problems, it can be very easy to achieve the purpose we want, but also make the building beautiful. Next, letGuangzhou busway manufacturersbrief introduction to you.

Modern high-rise buildings and large workshops require huge amounts of energy, but for huge loads requiring hundreds of thousands of amperes of powerful current, safe and reliable conduction equipment is needed. The bus duct system is a better choice. The bus duct system is an efficient current delivery and distribution device to meet the needs of increasingly tall buildings and large factories for economical wiring.


Compared with the traditional cable, the full development reflects its superiority in high current transmission. At the same time, it is also due to the adoption of new technology and new technology, which greatly improves the contact resistance and temperature rise at the connection between the two ends of the bus duct and the connection of the branch port, and uses high-quality insulating materials in the bus duct, thus effectively improving the safe working reliability of the bus duct and perfecting the whole management system.

Above isGuangzhou busway manufacturersTell you why the high-capacity current equipment needs to choose the whole content of the bus duct, I hope it can help you.

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