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Fire-resistant busbar duct manufacturers tell you the reason for the heating up of busbar duct


BusbarWhat is the cause of the warming? Maybe some friends don't know much about it, then let'sFire-resistant bus duct manufacturersbrief introduction to you.

1The copper content of the copper bar is low and the resistivity is large.

BusbarThere is a certain relationship between the current carrying capacity and the copper content and resistivity of the copper bar. Copper bars with a copper content of 99.95 or greater than or equal to 99.93 and a resistivity ρ of less than or equal to 0.01777 are relatively high-quality copper bars in bus bar copper bars. If the copper content is low, the resistivity is large, and the conductor specifications can only be continuously increased to effectively ensure the current carrying capacity and temperature appreciation. Otherwise, the temperature rise will be too high.

2Thermal insulation material and shell structure have poor heat dissipation

Some bus ducts with better structural process treatment and better heat dissipation of insulating materials can meet the current carrying requirements after the conductor is discounted according to the design manual or electrician manual. But some products insulation material is resin casting, or the use of other poor insulation materials, its performance will drop a lot.


3Overload operation

With the increase of equipment, the load of some projects is also increasing, so the originally designed bus duct cannot meet the needs of the site. Some projects adopt variable capacity and variable capacity when ordering construction, and no effective protection measures are taken. The temperature rises during overload operation, and the switch at the starting end after the variable capacity cannot guarantee the small current overload of the variable capacity, thus posing potential safety hazards.

4Unstable connection of connector, increased resistivity of connector

The connector connection is unstable, bad joints, increased resistivity, female will cause the temperature rise of the wire groove.

5The temperature rise is not unrelated to the skin effect

Inside the conductor, the heat generated by the resistance is not easy to dissipate, the temperature is high, the electron running rate is high, and the circuit is not too flat, resulting in a relatively narrow electronic path and high resistance. The conductor surface dissipates heat quickly, the temperature is low, the electron running rate is low, and the circuit is flat, resulting in a relatively wide electron path, so the conductor surface resistance is small and the electron runs faster, which is also a reason for current collection.

Above isFire-resistant bus duct manufacturersAll the contents introduced to you are provided, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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