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Product Specification of Buct_Air Plug-in Buct Manufacturer


what are the specifications of the busway products?
Closed busway has according to the current points: 400A, 630A, 800A, 1000A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A, 3150A, 4000A, 5000A, 6300A, 7200A and so on.
The enclosed busbar duct (referred to as busbar duct) is a busbar system composed of metal plate (steel plate or aluminum plate) for protective shell, conductive row, insulating material and related accessories. It can be made into a plug-type closed bus duct with a plug-in distribution box at intervals, or a feed-type closed bus duct without a distribution box in the middle. In the power supply system of high-rise buildings, the power and lighting lines are often set up separately, and the bus duct is used as the main power supply line to install one or more times vertically along the wall in the electrical shaft.
According to the insulation method, the bus duct can be divided into three types: air type plug bus duct, dense insulation plug bus duct and high strength plug bus duct.
High strength closed busbar duct (CFW). The process manufacturing is not limited by plates, and the shell is made in the form of tile trench, which increases the mechanical strength of the bus bar, and the horizontal section of the bus bar can be produced to 13m long. As the shell is made in the form of tile trench, the bus bars are intentionally separated and fixed at the position of the pit trench. There is a spacing of 18mm between the bus bars and the line is well ventilated, which significantly improves the moisture-proof and heat dissipation functions of the bus duct and is more suitable for the southern climate. Due to a certain gap between the lines, the temperature rise of the conductor is reduced, thus improving the overload capacity and reducing the magnetic oscillation noise. However, the stray current and inductive reactance generated by it are much larger than those of dense bus duct, so when comparing with the same specification, its conductive row section must be larger than that of dense insulated plug bus duct.
Air type plug bus duct (BMC). As the joints between the busbars are soft connected with copper sheets, oxidation is easy to occur between the joints in the humid weather in the south, resulting in poor contact between the joints and the busbars, making the contacts easy to heat up, so they are rarely used in the south. And the volume between the joints is too large, the size of the horizontal bus section is inconsistent, and the appearance is not beautiful enough.
Dense insulated plug bus duct (CMC). Its moisture-proof and heat dissipation effect is poor. In terms of moisture-proof, the bus is prone to moisture and water seepage during construction, resulting in a decrease in interphase insulation resistance. The heat dissipation of the bus mainly depends on the shell. Due to the compact arrangement and installation between the lines, the heat energy of L2 and L3 phases is slowly dissipated, resulting in a high temperature rise of the bus duct. The densely insulated plug-in busway is limited by the shell plate and can only produce horizontal sections not more than 3m. Due to the small air gap between the bus phases, when the bus passes through a large current, a strong electric power is generated, which makes the magnetic oscillation frequency form a superposition state, resulting in excessive noise. Plug-in busbar is a trunk system. It has the advantages of small size, compact structure, reliable operation, large transmission current, easy tap feed, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, and good dynamic and thermal stability. It is widely used in high-rise buildings. application.

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