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The difference between bus bridge and bus duct


bus bridge andBusbarWhat is the difference between the busbar duct and the dense insulation busbar duct and the air insulation busbar duct, the busbar duct structure is relatively complex, the busbar bridge is for the copper cross (cabinet to cabinet, cabinet to wall) and the simple production of rectangular support protection body.


LightingBusbarInsulating parts shall be used to support and separate insulated wires, so that electricity is safe and reliable. Using a universal two-hole, three-hole socket, lead branch power system management can be convenient and fast. Sockets can be provided to facilitate three-phase load balancing. Provide a variety of activities for on-site construction and installation methods, users can flexibly choose to use according to their needs. The busbar system consists of protective casing, insulating material and related accessories. It can be made into a plug-type closed bus duct with a plug-in distribution box at intervals of time, or a feed-type closed bus duct without a distribution box in the middle. In the power supply control system of high-rise buildings, the design circuit of power and lighting products can not be set separately. As a main power supply line, the bus duct is installed vertically along the wall in the electric shaft once or more times.

Low-voltage bus bridges are less common, but they play a big role. Lighting busway is low voltage, mainly used in garment factories, textile factories, electronics factories and other labor-intensive workshops, there is a lot of electrical equipment environment, are more suitable for lighting busway. All current level busbar duct adopts the same specification shell, and the connection adopts standard connection terminal, which has good versatility.

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