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Can bus duct really replace cable?


Wire and cable in the power system, information transmission system, power and communication system has a very important role, but in recent years, due to the emergenceBusbarMany people think that in the future bus duct can replace the wire and cable, really can.

Wire and cable used to transmit electrical (magnetic) energy, information and the realization of electromagnetic energy can be converted to wire production products. The broad sense of the wire and cable is also referred to as the cable, the narrow sense of the cable refers to the insulated cable, which can be defined as: by the following parts of the aggregate; one or more insulated wire core, and their respective development may need to have the coating, the total protective layer and the outer protective layer, the cable can also have additional non insulated conductor.


BusbarIt is a closed metal protection device composed of copper and aluminum bus bars, which is used to distribute large power for different components of the decentralized system. Busway has many advantages and has been widely used in low-voltage power distribution systems, and more and more cables are replaced. Compared with the technical performance of cables or pre-branched cables, the bus duct has the advantages of good heat dissipation, low impedance, and large current carrying capacity. Compared with the technical performance of bus ducts and cables or pre-branched cables above 630A, under the same current carrying capacity, bus ducts can save 10 to 35 percent of copper and reduce power loss by more than 15%.

To this end, the bus duct has been widely used in low voltage water distribution system engineering, has increasingly replaced the wire and cable. But in other areas, wires and cables have obvious advantages, so it is unlikely to completely replace wires and cables.

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