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Difference between enclosed busway and enclosed busbar


ClosedBusbarWhat is the difference between the two and the enclosed bus? Maybe many friends don't know much about it, then let's learn about it with Xiaobian!

ClosedBusbarIt has the characteristics of strong heat dissipation capacity, environmental protection of products, flexible wiring, etc., and is an effective way to reduce the use of cables. It has practical application significance in the comprehensive building of centralized power supply mode, and it is more and more widely used in the operator's computer room. Here we come to understand the difference between these two kinds of busbar.


Closed busway according to the way of insulation can be divided into air type plug busway, high strength plug busway, dense insulation plug busway. According to the purpose, it is divided into dense insulation, air insulation, air additional insulation, fire resistance, resin insulation and sliding bus duct. The shell material is divided into steel shell, aluminum alloy shell and steel aluminum mixed shell bus duct. According to the structure, it can be divided into straight bus duct with socket and without socket, without jack, L-type vertical (horizontal) bent bus, T-type vertical (horizontal) three-way bus, X-type vertical (horizontal) four-way bus, Z-type vertical (horizontal) offset bus, variable capacity bus duct, expansion bus duct, etc.

The design of the construction site for installation of enclosed bus is not easy to exceed 2km above sea level, the passing temperature of ambient air is not higher than 40 ℃, not lower than -5 ℃, the average working temperature within 24 hours is not higher than 35 ℃, the relative humidity of air quality is not higher than 50% at 40 ℃, not higher than 90% at 20 ℃, and the surrounding air is clean and dust-free. Egypt corrodes insulating gas.

two kindsBusbarIn addition to the basic concept and the difference in the scope of use and management, there are some other differences, but it can be found that the scope of the bus duct is obviously much larger than that of the bus bar.

The above is all the content that Xiaobian introduces to you, hoping to help you.

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