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Intensive busbar installation instructions


BusbarIts installation process is not difficult, it is evenly divided into the following three main steps, according to the steps on it.


1The busbar shall be connected with high-strength insulation board with high insulation, arc resistance and flame retardant, and shall be fastened with bolts with insulation sleeves. In order to meet the overlapping area of different busbars, the gap between the bolt hole and the bolt is small, and the gap can be relatively narrow due to the addition of an insulating sleeve for the busway bolt.

2Therefore, two paragraphsBusbarWhen connecting the main busbar, it is strictly required to keep it on a central line. The busbar of the two busbar slots and the bolt holes of the insulating plate need to be aligned. When the bolts are put on and tightened, each bolt must be applied with uniform force in turn. It is to prevent the insulation sleeve on the bolt from being damaged by different shear forces during the installation and construction process.

3In the construction process of the project, the bus duct insulation will be reduced due to the stress damage of the bolt insulation sleeve. The grounding connection can use the bus shell to meet the grounding design requirements, but when the bus shell is all sprayed, the two bus ducts shall be connected with grounding bolts with wires. The bus duct should be checked for insulation before and after installation, and it is also necessary to check whether the bus duct insulation is reduced due to installation quality problems.

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