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Installation steps of dense bus duct


IntensiveBusbarI believe many friends are not very understanding of this, then let Xiaobian simple to introduce to you.

13. In order to ensure that the dense busway is not polluted, the surface of the copper bar on the connecting parts and movable joints of each functional unit of the connecting parts needs to be cleaned, and the shell and insulator need to be wiped before installation, and there should be no residue;

21. The reserved holes and embedded parts of the floor and wall shall be embedded and reserved according to the design requirements, the interphase support plate shall be firmly installed, and the insulation measures shall be taken for the shell of sectional insulation;


3, intensiveBusbarThe torque bolt of the connection part needs to be fastened with the force distance plate to ensure the good sealing of the contact surface;

43. During installation, carefully compare the system diagram of intensive bus duct, and do not install blindly, which will cause rework and affect the construction quality;

52. When installing intensive bus duct, its overall structure design should be horizontal, flat and vertical, the height from the horizontal to the ground should be greater than 2.2 meters, and the height from the ground should be greater than 1.8 meters when laying vertically. Brackets need to be added at the connection between the bus bend and the plug box;

62. When the terminal box and the beginning box of the bus are suspended, they shall be fixed with brackets, and the brackets on the wall and roof shall be fixed with two expansion bolts. Smooth washers and spring washers shall be added to the expansion bolts. When the bus is laid vertically through the top plate, channel steel shall be used to support and fix the passing bottom plate. When the bus duct passes through the expansion joint or settlement joint of the building, measures to adapt to the movement of the building structure shall be adopted, avoid the horizontal movement of the busbar connection causing fracture and affecting the normal power supply and distribution of the busbar.

The above is the Wen Xing Electric Technology Co., Ltd. to give you a brief introduction of intensiveBusbarI hope you can help you after reading it. If you want to know about other aspects, please come to consult us. We look forward to working with you.

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