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Do you know about the maintenance of bus duct?


WhenBusbarWhen running for a long time, it should be overhauled at least once a year.

Check that the total load current does not exceed the design current and the rated current of the main busway.

Before the bus duct is overhauled, the bus duct system shall be checked for power failure. All working power supplies of the bus duct shall be completely cut off. At the same time, the bus duct shall be measured with a multimeter to confirm that the bus duct is not electrified before overhaul. Prevent high voltage from causing injury to operation and management personnel.


BusbarDuring operation, it is necessary to check whether there are leakage, water spray, potential moisture sources around the system, whether there are heavy objects that pose a threat to the management system, and heat sources that affect the temperature rise of the bus duct system, and check whether there are foreign objects entering the bus duct. Check whether the design parts of the bus duct system are defective or rusted, and whether the bracket spring has appropriate elastic force. If these problems occur, it needs to be replaced immediately.

During the long-term operation of the bus duct, the temperature rise of the connector shall be regularly detected once a year, and the temperature rise of the connector shall not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. Check all busway connector bolts and conductor contacts for looseness. By increasing the resistance caused by the loosening, to prevent the resistance caused by the loosening of the joint to generate heat. Check whether the insulating material is aged and whether the conductive parts are melted and deformed. If indirect ground or insulation breakdown is found, it shall be dismantled in sections and inspected by a withstand voltage tester section to find out the fault, or replace the bus duct or re-insulation cladding. Check whether the pin of the plug box of the bus duct system is in good contact with the bus bar.

Clean the dust on the surface of the bus duct system regularly to ensure good heat dissipation.

The above is a brief introduction to youBusbarMaintenance of incense related content, if you still have unclear place or want to know the content, welcome to consult us.

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