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Wire casing manufacturers introduce the advantages of bus duct compared with traditional cables


With the emergence of modern engineering facilities and equipment, the electricity consumption of various industries has increased rapidly, especially in many high-rise buildings and large factories and workshops. Now,BusbarIt is widely used in many buildings to replace cables, because the advantages of bus ducts are obvious compared with traditional cables. Below andWire SleeveLet's get to know the manufacturers!

Easy installation of 1.

BusbarThe installation process is very convenient and flexible, which greatly saves installation time.


Flexible 2. cabling

The bus duct adopts modular design to ensure that the load is connected with the bus duct unit in a short path. For the addition, movement and refurbishment of workshop equipment, there is no need to change the bus system.

3. large span installation

The bus duct shell adopts roll forming, which is small in size and beautiful in appearance, which greatly improves the long load capacity. The load can be 60Kg in the center of the bus bar with a span of 6m, and the deflection shall not exceed 10mm.

4. safe and reliable

Separated air insulation type is adopted, and the safe net distance and creepage distance between phases are far greater than the standard design requirements. The internal control insulation adopts high-strength engineering plastics, which improves the anti-dynamic and thermal stability of the bus duct. The special structure adopted by the joint can prevent misoperation during system installation.

Low cost of 5. construction

Although bus ducts are widely used in modern buildings, construction costs can be greatly reduced compared to various accessories used for wiring and the entire power system.

At present, modern high-rise buildings and large workshops require huge power, and in the face of huge load, safe and reliable conduction equipment must be selected. The bus duct is a good choice. The bus duct is a kind of power distribution device that transmits current, which adapts to the needs of higher and higher buildings and large-scale factories for economical and reasonable wiring.

Above isWire SleeveThe manufacturer introduces the advantages of the bus duct compared with the traditional cable, and hopes that you can have a further understanding of it after seeing it.

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