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Calculation of Installation Quantities of the BUS Duct


The calculation of busway installation quantities, the distance of supports, the number of elbows, the calculation of the number of boxes at the beginning of the terminal box, etc. are all problems that we should consider during the installation of busway.
The fixed supports and hangers and spring supports of low-voltage closed plug-in busbar ducts are generally manufactured and supplied by the manufacturers according to the installation position and the production of the closed busbar when ordering the plug-in closed busbar. The use of self-processing is rare. One set of spring bracket and two fixed brackets for each layer during bus duct installation. When the sealing mother is installed horizontally: generally 1.8~2m a bracket. Brackets and iron components can be calculated by weight, and the set of hanging brackets can be installed to make quota sub-items. The bracket is counted as one for several meters and is calculated according to the requirements of the design drawings. If the drawings are not detailed, please contact the designer for inquiry.
The inlet and outlet distribution boxes of the bus duct shall be respectively set with corresponding sub-items.
GLMC type lighting busbar housing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy pultrusion, light weight, small size, high mechanical strength, can meet the requirements of large-span installation. The busbar conductor adopts high-quality copper bar, and the shell doubles as PE line, which has good grounding effect and is safer to use. Use high temperature resistant, flame retardant insulation material, good insulation performance. Multiple plug interfaces can be set at any position in the bus duct, which is flexible to install and convenient to tap. The busbar shell is equipped with a special slot to install various lighting fixtures and sockets. The installation can be completed by simply snapping the accessories into the slot. The installation is firm and reliable, beautiful and generous, which greatly improves work efficiency. The plug-in switch box with various protection circuit schemes can be configured to provide a strong guarantee for the safe operation of the system.
What is the consumption of special accessories for busway corresponding to 2000 sub-items per meter of each phase current (below a) of low-voltage enclosed busway?
1. The special accessories and parts for the installation of the low-voltage closed plug-in bus are supplied by the supplier according to the ordered closed plug-in bus. One set of spring brackets for each floor, two sets of wall fixing brackets, connecting plates for bus duct connection, connecting bolts, nuts, flat washers, spring washers and grounding connecting cords, etc.
2. The length of each section of the bus duct is determined according to the floor height according to the design drawings. The length of each section is the height of a floor, and the accessories are configured according to the manufacturer.

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