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Wire casing manufacturers introduce knowledge and use of high-voltage busbar


BusbarIt has the characteristics of small size, large capacity, short design and construction period, convenient assembly and disassembly, non-burning, safe and reliable, and long service life. It is a power distribution device for transmitting current, especially adapted to increasingly high buildings and large-scale The need for economical and reasonable wiring in factories.


High pressureBusbarThe purpose is the electrical connection between the transformer and the high-voltage switchgear, the electrical connection of the power supply system of large factories and mines, large substations, large enterprises self-owned power plants, and the electrical connection between the generator and the step-up transformer. Generally speaking, the bus duct system with a working voltage above 3000 volts is called a high-voltage bus duct. The phase-to-phase insulation resistance of the high-voltage busway is greater than 1000M ohms, and the protection level is high. Generally, IP54 is available outdoors. The high-voltage busway is used in connection with power plants, large transformers, etc.

High-voltage busway with high-strength, high-performance DMC insulation support clamping structure, with good load performance and dynamic thermal stability; strong overload capacity, low temperature rise. The high-voltage bus duct is sealed, which can greatly reduce the frequency of power outage maintenance, and can solve the fault caused by unbalanced current distribution when using double-and triple-high-voltage cables.

The high-voltage bus duct is easy to install and can realize the adjustment of horizontal and vertical two degrees of freedom. It can not only meet the expansion requirements caused by different temperature drops, thermal expansion and cold contraction, but also compensate the errors caused by foundation settlement, and solve the shortcomings of the traditional sliding plate telescopic device such as protection level, installation failure, and unreliable operation.

The above is the wire casing manufacturers to introduce high voltageBusbarI hope you can have a further understanding of the whole content of knowledge and use after reading it.

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