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What are the specifications for bus duct installation introduced by wire casing manufacturers?


The development of modernization has facilitated our life. Nowadays, there is a great demand for electricity from all walks of life. For example, some large factories use a lot of electricity, so there is a new type of distribution wire busway, which can solve the problem that traditional cables cannot meet the power demand. Below and wire casing manufacturers to understandBusbarSpecifications for installation.

1. construction sequence

Whatever the installation, follow the installation sequence. Sometimes, if any step is omitted, there may be hidden dangers. Check the bus duct first, then measure the positioning, and then start the support and hanger to prepare for installation. Don't forget to test the insulation, then splice the bus duct, and then check. Always follow the installation sequence.


Inspection of 2. bus duct

Before installation we need to seeBusbarWhether it is in good condition, whether it is damaged, whether it needs to meet the specifications of the distribution box, the construction site should also actively do a good job of cleaning, to be waterproof and moisture-proof.

3. measurement, positioning and splicing

The size measurement should be carried out during installation. Remember not to conflict with large-diameter pipes and bridges. The installation of the line must meet the standards. Splicing is to fix the part of the joint, and do not damage the bus duct. The insulation resistance must be measured every time the joint is spliced, and any problem must be solved in time.

4. verification

After the assembly is completed, it depends on whether it is consistent with the power system. Only if it is consistent, the installation can be successful.

The bus duct installation requires professional personnel to install, they have professional equipment and rich experience.

The above is the wire casing manufacturers to introduce the bus duct installation specification, hoping to help you.

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