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The bus duct manufacturer introduces the cause of short circuit in the bus duct.


BusbarAfter the installation is completed, if you do not pay attention to daily maintenance, then the bus duct will have a short circuit problem, then what is the reason for the short circuit!

1If the bus duct uses insulating structural materials with low cost and quality problems during production, and the cut insulating materials have pinholes and uneven thickness, it will directly lead to some faults in the bus duct during use.


2, ifBusbarThe copper strip contains impurities and has convex marks, burrs, welding faults, etc. After the bus duct is put into operation for a period of time, the burrs will break the insulating layer and cause the bus duct to short circuit.

3The fire-resistant bus duct shall be provided with water spraying function. If the refractory bus duct does not have a water spray function, the bus duct will short-circuit in the presence of fire spray or other water.

4When installing the bus duct, garbage enters the bus duct shell, and when the garbage is affected with moisture, it will cause the bus duct short circuit.

In order to avoid the problem of short circuit in the bus duct, we need to pay attention to the above problems, but also need to pay attention to the correct maintenance and maintenance, in order to extend its service life.

The above is the reason for the short circuit of the bus duct introduced by the bus duct manufacturer. I hope you can have a further understanding of it after reading it. If you still want to know the relevant contents or have some unclear places, please feel free to contact us.

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