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Advantages of bus duct



Speaking of bus duct, all readers here may be a little confused. Bus duct is actually a completely enclosed metal device using aluminum bus bar column and copper. It can be used to distribute the power of different components within a system. It has gradually replaced the traditional wire and cable in the trunk project with relatively low voltage power. Do you know what advantages exist in the bus duct?

Since the materials used in the bus duct are aluminum and copper, they can be used as conductors. The current capacity of these two metals is relatively large, and they have good electrical and mechanical properties. In addition, using the metal groove as the shell can prevent the bus from burning for a long time, and it also has relatively good safety and reliability. At the same time, even if it is used for a long time, it will not cause wear and affect its use efficiency, so the service life is relatively long. Compared with the traditional distribution mode, the area occupied by this new type of bus duct is significantly reduced, and the bus duct is more beautiful from the appearance, which is quite beneficial to the power distribution in the construction process of many large buildings.

In the construction process, because the bus duct itself is relatively light weight, so the operation is very easy, the shape of the bus duct is relatively small, and can gradually increase with the distribution system equipment, can be replaced at will. The connection mode of the bus duct is just like the channel connecting the water pipe, which can be connected into a whole system through elbows or joints. For example, once the bus duct fails, it is relatively simple to check, and only one of the pipelines needs to be replaced simply during maintenance. The voltage drop of the bus duct is very small, but the current capacity is very large, so the load capacity of the short circuit is relatively strong. Under the normal working environment, the bus duct can work continuously indoors, but it also has certain requirements for the environment. The surrounding working environment should be located between -10 ℃ and 40 ℃, and the relative humidity in the environment should not exceed 90%.

If there are certain requirements for the working environment, for example, to be used in relatively cold areas or high temperature areas, it needs to be made of special materials, and it needs to be customized by the factory, but customization is relatively simple. At present, the bus duct on the market is of relatively common type.

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