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Performance comparison of bus duct



At present, the bus duct is being widely used in the distribution and transmission projects of major buildings, gradually replacing the traditional wire and cable, why this new type of bus duct product can achieve this level.

The bus duct itself has good heat dissipation performance. The wire is not only made of an insulating material, but also a heat insulating material. Therefore, during the construction process in the bridge, only two layers can be built at most, which is also considering its heat dissipation problem. However, the bus duct can use the outside air to conduct the internal heat, and can quickly dissipate the heat through the steel shell that it only contacts, therefore, its heat dissipation performance is better than that of traditional cables. The bus duct hardly needs maintenance in daily use. Its daily maintenance only requires workers to test the temperature rise of its shell and bolts inside, the joint temperature of the wire inlet gun, etc. If the bolts used are of grade 4.8, it is necessary to observe whether they are fastened within a certain period of time. If the high-strength bolts of grade 8.8 are used, regular testing is not required, this is because the strength is relatively high, wear resistance is strong. The cable because of its own material is prone to wear, but also easy to aging, and life is relatively short and other factors, so that the regular need for workers to carry out maintenance and inspection, and even to replace.

From the perspective of current carrying range, the current cable can only reach a cross-sectional area of 1000mm, and the fixed current is only 1600mm. This large-sized cable is not commonly used in practical applications and projects due to its heavy quality and large volume. Generally, cables with specifications of less than 400mm are used for power distribution, which requires multiple cables to supply power at the same time. The rated current of busway can reach more than 6300, and its carrying capacity is the traditional power distribution method, which cannot be compared at all.

The overload capacity of the busbar is also quite strong, precisely because the working temperature of the insulating material used is quite high. It is also convenient to tap the bus duct, which is the so-called plug-in bus duct. It can connect the power supply of the main circuit to the branch line, and there is a box port every few meters, so it is relatively simple to connect.

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