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With the emergence of modern engineering equipment and large-scale equipment one after another, the power consumption of major industries is increasing, especially in many high-rise buildings and some large factories and workshops. As a traditional conductor cable for power transmission, it can no longer meet the requirements of people for high-current transmission system, and multiple cables are used in parallel at the same time, which brings many inconveniences to the installation and construction connection of on-site workers. At this time, the emergence of the plug-in bus duct has been unanimously welcomed by people. Compared with the traditional cable, it highlights its superiority. At the same time, due to its new technology, it greatly reduces the contact resistance and temperature rise at the plug-in and connection of the two ends of the wire, and also uses a large number of high-quality insulation materials to ensure its safety and reliability, making the distribution system more perfect. So do you know what types of bus ducts exist on the market and how should they be classified?

From the use point of view, busbar grass can generally be composed of horizontal bent busbar, horizontal offset busbar, straight busbar duct, starting busbar duct, vertical horizontal three-way busbar duct, horizontal four-way busbar duct, expansion busbar duct, terminal junction box, terminal sealing, plug box and other related accessories and fasteners. According to the insulation method, it can be divided into three types, namely, dense insulation plug-in bus duct and air plug-in bus duct with high strength plug-in bus site. Among them, the air plug-in bus is long because it uses the joint between the bus bars to connect through copper sheet. In the process of using in the southern region, due to the relatively humid weather, oxidation reaction between the joint is very easy to occur, so it is easy to cause poor contact between the joint and bus duct, it is easy to increase the temperature and generate heat, so this type is rarely used in the southern region, and because the area between the joints is relatively large, the size of the horizontal bus bar is different, which is not beautiful in appearance.

The dense insulation plug bus duct does not have the effect of moisture-proof and heat dissipation, and is very susceptible to moisture and water seepage during the construction process, so the insulation resistance will decrease. Its heat dissipation mainly depends on the shell, but because the bus bar is relatively compact with the bus bar, the heat dissipation speed is relatively slow, which is easy to cause the temperature rise of the bus duct. The dense insulation plug bus duct is limited by its shell plate, and the length generally produced is not more than 3 meters.

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