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What is the role of the wire sleeve?


wMHm-SJkQ46DRBWC5C91sw.jpgWhat is the role of the wire sleeve?

Wire bushing refers to a single bushing insulation structure is divided into air cavity and air cavity short circuit two, air cavity bushing for 10kV and below voltage level. The air cavity is used as auxiliary insulation between the conductor and the porcelain sleeve, which can reduce the capacity of the porcelain sleeve and improve the corona voltage and lightning voltage of the sleeve.

What is the role of the wire sleeve?

1. Can pull the wire

Directly buried in the cement mortar wire becomes a "dead line". Later line maintenance, replacement, home smart devices, etc. are impossible. The editor does not deny that most of the house decoration now uses threading pipes, but makes a "dead line" and simply pulls it out, but if you don't do this, you will never be able to pull it out.

2. Wire insulation protection

If it is directly stained on the cement mortar, the silicate of the cement will corrode the insulating layer of the wire, cause the insulation of the wire to fall off, cause a short circuit, and cannot avoid leakage when it is wet.

3. Fire prevention

The wiring has the effect of preventing the spread of flame. Because the general wiring is made of flame retardant materials. In particular, the galvanized metal pipe itself does not burn. Even if the wire leakage or short circuit phenomenon, it will not burn.

4. Circuit cooling

Physics students know that the cross-sectional area of the wire is generally selected according to the power load when wiring. Generally speaking, there is a remaining margin, but occasionally a short time can not avoid overload electricity. For example, if you eat hot pot at home or use high-power appliances such as hair dryers, the wires will still cause overheating. As the circuit ages, the load capacity of the wires will become weaker.

5. Simple construction

Direct laying of wires is not conducive to workers to master the direction of the circuit, the construction of the wires are also arranged horizontally, can not be the corresponding strong and weak distance interval.

What are the characteristics of wire sleeves?

1. The casing has good corrosiveness and long service life, and can be used in wet alkaline belts.

2. Flame retardant, good heat resistance, can be used for a long time without deformation under 130 and high temperature, and does not burn in case of fire.

3. High strength, high stiffness. Can directly sell roller fast cable engineering construction progress, without the need to increase the concrete protection layer under the line lane.

4. The casing has certain flexibility whether it is a pipe or a pipe fitting, which can prevent the loss caused by external heavy pressure and foundation deposition.

5. Has good anti-external signal interference performance.

What is the difference between electrical bushing and wire bushing?

First, refer to different

1. Wire sleeve: Insulating protective sleeve for external protection of wire and cable.

2. Electrical bushing: white hard PVC wiring, also known as threading pipe, is anti-corrosion, anti-leakage, wire pipe.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages are different

1. Casing: It has the characteristics of compression force, weight, smooth inner wall, and low friction coefficient. It is easy to use the wire and the wire will not be damaged. It is easier and more convenient to move and transport than metal steel pipes and cement pipes. Construction and installation is simple, labor-saving. Corrosion-resistant, insulating, non-magnetic, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, flame-retardant, anti-static.

2. Electric casing: The surface of the threading pipe is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, it does not stick to time, and it cannot reproduce microorganisms. The thermal expansion coefficient is small, and there is no shrinkage and deformation. Existing installation connection method. threading Pipe epoxy gas coating more effectively solve the water pipeline, buried, acid, alkali, salt corrosion of metal pipe, the service life of more than 50 years.

Third, the scope of use is different.

1. Casing: The insulation structure of a single wire is divided into gas steel and gas steel segments. Gas steel sleeves are used for voltage levels below 10 kV. There is gas steel as auxiliary insulation between the conductor and the ceramic sleeve, which can reduce the casing capacitor and increase the new crown voltage and sliding lightning voltage of the casing.

2. Electric mansion: used in normal indoor environment and places with high temperature, dust, vibration and fire danger. It can also be used in damp places. Especially not in damp, acid, alkali, salt corrosion, explosion dangerous place.

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