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What is needed for wire casing wiring?


DcCaCs1kQiCgtSjGvsFblg.jpgWhat is needed for wire casing wiring?

Wire sleeves (also called insulated harnesses, wiring) are pipes that protect wires and cable wiring in electrical installations, allowing wires and cables to penetrate and replace. Wire casing is a new type of casing material widely used in power engineering.

What is needed for wire casing wiring?

In order to protect the cable, when laying the cable, the protective tube should be set up in the part easily affected by external force. The commonly used protective pipes are steel pipes and rigid plastic pipes. The inner diameter of the insulated wire harness must be less than 1.5 times the outer diameter of the cable, and the wall thickness of the pipe must be greater than 2mm. Rigid plastic pipes cannot be used where the temperature is too high or too low. The insulated wire harness passing through the foundation (including the ground or floor) is protected by steel pipe when the inner diameter is less than or equal to 32mm. The power cord is generally divided

(1) Cable introduction, building removal, tunnel and trench

(2) Cross-sectional sections of cables through floors, walls and roads;

(3) Cables installed along poles or walls are guided to parts 2 meters above the ground and other parts vulnerable to mechanical damage.

Wire sleeve insulated harnesses are routed along racks, trays, concealed routes and stores. Anti-corrosion measures must be taken when the land is buried, but the protective pipe buried in the concrete does not need to be protected. When the protective pipe passes through roads and railways, the top or buried depth of the pipe should be greater than 1 meter. When the buried protection pipe comes out of the ground, the nozzle should be more than 50mm higher than the ground, and multiple protection pipes should be neatly arranged. The buried protective tube shall be attached at the shortest distance.

The diameter of the insulated wire harness is calculated according to the outer diameter of the wire or cable, which is 1.5 to 2 times that of the wire harness, and the waste factor in the pipeline is about 40%.

Penetrating wiring cannot be cut and welded by electric welding, but must be cut by instruments. The nozzle shall be smooth and irreversible, and the bending arc length shall not be less than 300mm. The insulated wire harness is connected by threaded pipe fittings, and the length of the connecting joint is 4-5 buckles. The straight elbows of a single insulated wire harness cannot exceed two. The protective pipe line should be neat, and the nozzle should be sealed with sealant.

There are two types of wire jackets. One is a steel protective tube and the other is a plastic pipe. For more information about wire jackets, you can view the latest information on thousands of networks.

Why must the wire be in the wire sleeve

The wire must be stuck in the sleeve. Otherwise, after long-term use of the plastic insulation skin outside the wire, the plastic skin will age and crack, and the insulation level will drop significantly, which will easily cause large-area leakage and endanger personal safety. In addition, the leakage current flows into the ground on the way, if the resistance of the site is large, local high temperature will occur, resulting in nearby combustible fire, causing a fire. Therefore, from a safety point of view, the wire should also be stuck on the wire.

The use of any casing is not a problem. The biggest problem is how to use this wire tube.

Remember the main indicators. No matter how many wires are in the wiring, it is important that the inner diameter ratio of the wiring does not exceed 40%.

(1) The wires are hot. If the wires in the wiring are too dense, it is easy to cause safety accidents.

(2) It is too dense, and future line repair and maintenance are inconvenient. It's so dense that it's hard to come up with the wires in question.

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