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Today we come to talk about the cable tray fire, heat insulation, flame retardant have what effect


The cable tray produced by the company is an indispensable product in our daily life, and its appearance also ensures the safety of our daily life. What is the fire protection principle of cable tray products on the market?


Fireproof cable tray in the production process should be sprayed with paint to make it flame retardant or non-flammable, in order to protect the substrate from direct contact with the air, delay the object fire and reduce the burning speed.

In addition to the non-combustibility of the coating, the thermal conductivity of the fireproof cable tray is also very low, which can effectively delay the transmission of the flame temperature to the protected substrate.

Heat the fireproof coating of the cable tray to decompose the non-combustible inert gas and dilute the combustible gas decomposed by the heat of the protected object to make it difficult to burn or reduce the burning speed.

Cable tray products with flame retardant and internal multi-layer insulation characteristics, favored by consumers.

How about the thermal insulation performance of cable flame retardant bridge?

Cable fire bridge is a kind of flame retardant, internal insulation of new products. At the same time, it is equipped with ventilation and rainproof parts to make its fire prevention function more perfect. Jumper sleeves and X-shaped jumpers are arranged between adjacent bridge frames. In the event of a fire, the surface temperature of the cable fire bridge can be maintained between 60-70 degrees Celsius.

The cable fireproof bridge is sealed by steel trough box and inner pad insulation material. The main body of the steel structure bridge is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the outside is coated with fireproof coating, which makes the overall fireproof performance more prominent.

The cable tray can not only be used as a standard cable installation, but also has a certain maintenance effect on the cable, especially the fire-resistant cable. It can play a flame retardant role in the event of a fire. Good fire prevention and fire prevention effect. So the use of fireproof cable tray will play what role?

The project will use fireproof cable tray products to complete power automation. Other cable tray products also have a great impact on cable maintenance. Flame retardant cable tray has been used in various fields of consumption and life, the maintenance of the cable has played a very good role. Due to the high degree of specialization of bridges, manufacturers have made great efforts in product innovation and research and development. In this close environment, flame retardant bridge products have been rapidly upgraded, and flame retardant bridges on the market have reached very high standards. Therefore, the flame retardant and fire resistance of the fire resistant cable tray has made a great contribution.

Fireproof cable tray is mainly composed of glass fiber reinforced materials, inorganic adhesive composite fireproof board, metal skeleton composite material and other fireproof substrate. The outer layer is increased with fire retardant coating, so that the fire bridge will not be extinguished in the event of a fire to prevent the spread of the fire. It has good fire resistance, fire resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance. The whole device is easy to use, reasonable structure, long service life and beautiful appearance.

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