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What are the characteristics of bus duct


What is the bus duct bus duct is a kind of transmission equipment, just like the cable, is used for transmission!
Function: It mainly uses copper bar or aluminum bar as conductor and relies on air or insulating material for insulation. It is mainly used in important power transmission and transformation places, such as the connection of transformer, generator and switch cabinet in substation, or for the transmission of large current, and can be used for tree trunk bifurcation power transmission. Multiple feed points are set in the line for direct power supply.
The bus duct has long service life, high safety performance, convenient feeding, easy installation and small installation space. The specific use of busway is to rely on the connection and installation of the connector section by section, and then use the support and hanger support or hanging to complete the installation!
To sum up the bus duct has the following characteristics:
1, the current capacity can be very large;
2. The voltage drop is very small;
3. Strong short-circuit load capacity;
4, high reliability, long service life;
5) High security;
6. The equipment of the power distribution system is added or changed freely;
7. Small dimensions;
8, light weight, easy to operate;
9. The connection is very simple (like connecting water pipes, each section is connected into a system through joints such as tees and elbows);
10. Simple construction and inspection;
11, with modern beauty.

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