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Manufacturing method of cable tray


The field of cable trays relates to cable tray components. The traditional cable tray is mostly laid by manual or winch, which is relatively safe and suitable for electrical engineering with small cable section and short cable length, while winch laying is suitable for electrical engineering with large cable section and long cable length. However, the long time of manual cable laying is easy to cause safety accidents when laying cables on the high-altitude cable tray; the internal structure of the cable is easily damaged when the cable is laid by the winch, and the force is large, so it is difficult to control the winch. Easy to damage the cable tray and other ancillary works in the process of laying.


During the laying process, the installation methods of the cable tray machine and the cable tractor change randomly, which causes the cable tray machine or the cable tractor to loosen, reduces the laying efficiency, and causes serious safety accidents. The following introduces the laying of high efficiency, good safety performance of laying components to solve the above technical problems. The cable tray laying part comprises a body, the body has an installation area, two installation areas and a laying channel penetrating the installation area and the two installation areas; the installation area with a rectangular cross section is provided with a plurality of installation positions distributed in a matrix for installing the cable tray or the cable tractor; the two installation areas are rectangular in cross section, the installation area is provided with an installation slide rail, and the installation slide rail is rotatably arranged on the two installation areas; the first mounting area and the second mounting area are each provided with an exterior member to fix the main body to the outside. The first mounting area, the second mounting area and the laying channel are distributed in an I-shape, and the mounting position is a hollow cylinder with internal threads. There are two mounting rails, one on each side of the two mounting areas; the mounting rails are arranged in parallel.

The cable tray has simple structure, light weight and heavy load, which can prevent the cable from aging and wear, and enable the cable to realize natural collection and direction change in the vertical direction; the present invention is mainly composed of a groove body, a cover plate and a through hole, and is characterized in that: The groove body is an upper vertical three-way groove body, the whole groove body is a vertical T-shape, the two intersecting positions of the groove frame T-shape are chamfered, and the vertical part and the side wall are provided with multiple through holes; A cover plate is arranged above the tank body, and the cover plate is connected to the side wall of the tank body through a buckle; the surface of the tank body and the cover plate is provided with an anti-corrosion layer; the through hole is a long hole; the structure is simple, the weight is light, and the load is large. The surface of the tank body and the cover plate is provided with an anti-corrosion layer to prevent the cable from aging and abrasion. The vertical part and the side wall of the tank body are provided with a plurality of through holes, which can effectively radiate the cables placed inside, so that the cables naturally converge and change direction in the vertical direction.

This new type of cable tray laying parts can easily install the cable tray machine and the control box through the first installation area and the second installation area. At the same time, the cable to be laid can be placed through the laying channel, which is convenient for laying, and improves the efficiency and safety performance of cable laying.

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