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How is the fire performance of the cable tray reflected?


At present, there is a lot of demand for cable tray in the market, when we understandCable TrayAfter the manufacturer, you can also look at the specific product type. In this way, when you actually choose, you have to look at the basic situation. After you know the product model of the cable tray, I believe it will be more convenient to use.

We all know that the fire protection requirements of cable tray building is very high, however, few people know where the specific fire protection requirements can be expressed, then we take the fire protection metal cable tray as an example, to understand the fire protection requirements of the cable tray.

Fire bridge is in the ordinary bridge surface spraying a layer of fire retardant coating, play the role of fire retardant! In fact, the bridge itself will not catch fire, only the cable can catch fire, and the flame retardant principle of fire retardant coating.

At present, the fire-proof cable tray is mainly based on the national fire-proof cable inspection standards, the thickness of fire-proof coating should be greater than 1mm, fire-resistant time should be greater than 30 minutes. This is the general standard for the effect of fire retardant cable fire retardant coating. There is also a price relationship, some cheap and expensive, expensive paint effect is better. The basic fireproof material is steel, and the outer layer of the fireproof cable has a layer of fireproof material. It is also necessary to ensure that the adjacent slot box has a good electrical connection.

Of course, in order to ensure high fire performance, in addition to meet the cable tray fire protection requirements, purchase good fire retardant coating, should also do a good job after the installation of the cable tray maintenance work, not only after the first construction maintenance, and the use of the process of inspection, the relevant departments should check the cable tray at regular intervals, especially the fire performance of the cable tray.

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