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Installation requirements of cable tray


  Cable TrayAs an auxiliary project of wiring engineering, there is no professional standard guidance at present, and the specifications and procedures of various manufacturers are lack of generality. Therefore, the design and selection process must be based on the type and quantity of cables in the weak current system to reasonably select the appropriate cable tray. Let us understand the installation requirements and specifications of the next cable tray.

1) Determine the direction: According to the floor plan of the building, combined with the installation and maintenance of air-conditioning pipes and electrical pipes, the difficulty of maintenance, and the density of cable lines, determine the best path for the cable tray. Indoor, try to erect along the walls, columns, beams and floors of the real estate. In this way, when using the comprehensive corridor for erection, it is necessary to consider parallel erection on one side or above the pipeline, and try not to cross the induction line and branch line. When not borrowing from other pipe racks, it is necessary to set up its own column.

2) Load calculation: calculate the cable weight per unit length in the trunk section of the cable tray.

3) determine the width of the cable tray: according to the number of cables laid, cable diameter, cable spacing, determine the form of the frame, specifications, arm length, pillar length and spacing, width and number of layers.

4) Determine the installation method: Determine the fixing method of the bridge according to the on-site installation situation, choose suspension, vertical, side wall or hybrid, and the connectors are usually provided in complete sets. In addition, select the appropriate cover plate according to the bridge structure.

5) Draw some parts of the cable bridge plan, section, space map, material list.

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