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Six major benefits of bus duct


1. Convenient tapping of bus duct: The so-called plug-in bus duct is to tap the power supply of the main line to the branch line by plugging, so tapping is very convenient. The disadvantage of the cable is that it needs to be customized to the factory; the branch connection mode adopts the open "C" type hoop, can the hoop force be guaranteed after a long time? In addition, the price of each branch head is not cheap, so the application of prefabricated branch cable is still not wide. Any floor needs to cut off the power supply, the bus duct does not need to be powered off, as long as the plug box of the bus duct is removed under the condition of no load. But to cut off the branch power of the prefabricated branch cable, it is very dangerous to operate in the case of live.
2. Strong overload capacity of bus duct: The overload capacity of bus duct is strong, depending on the high working temperature of the insulating material used for bus duct. The over-support of the insulating material used for bus duct adopts the material with working temperature of 105 ℃. Now, radiation crosslinked flame retardant winding tape (PER) and radiation crosslinked polyhydrocarbon heat shrinkable tube with working temperature above 140 ℃ have been developed. The normal working temperature of the insulation material used in the cable is generally 95 ℃ and 105 ℃, so the overload capacity of the bus duct is far greater than that of the cable.
3. The busway can prevent overload and fire: the busway shell is made of steel and will not burn. Even if the insulating material of the copper row burns, the flames will not escape to the outside of the busway. Ordinary cable insulation layer and the outer skin will burn, flame retardant cable will burn under the flame, only after the flame leaves does not burn, fire-resistant cable will not burn, but the price is expensive, only fire and other power supply is not allowed to use fire-resistant cable.
4. The bus duct has good heat dissipation performance: the insulation material of the cable (core wire insulation and sheath insulation) is both an insulation material and a heat insulation material. Therefore, when the power cable is laid in the bridge, a maximum of 2 layers are allowed to be laid, and heat dissipation is considered on the reason day.
The bus duct uses air conduction to dissipate heat, and dissipates heat through the metal shell in close contact, so its heat dissipation performance is compared with the cable, and the cable heat dissipation performance is visible.
5. The service life of the bus duct is more than 50 years, and the service life of the branch cable is 10-12 years. It can be seen that the service life of the closed bus duct is much longer than that of the branch cable.
6. Busway maintenance is convenient: busway almost does not need maintenance. Daily maintenance is usually to measure the temperature rise of the shell and busbar connector, the temperature rise of the joint of the incoming box, whether the fastener is loose, etc.

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