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Selection and calculation method of cable tray


The application of cable tray in our country is only more than ten years, in Europe and the United States developed countries but also a few decades. In a computer room project, compared with expensive, high-tech software and hardware, the bridge is not prominent and less concerned, but it is also an indispensable part of the entire wiring project. The design and selection process must be based on the type and quantity of cables in each system, and the appropriate bridge type must be reasonably selected. Then, let's learn about the selection and calculation method of the cable tray!

Selection of 1. Cable Tray Model and Variety

1) If there is a cable network or external protection for shielding electrical interference (such as the rest of corrosive liquid, flammable dust and other environmental effects), please select FB type groove type composite anti-corrosion shielding cable rack (with cover).

2) corrosive environment, the use of (f) type of composite epoxy resin anti-rust flame retardant cable tray. Stick, bracket also please choose the same material, improve the life of the bridge and accessories, the use of cable tray. In the dust or other need to cover the environment or outdoor places, please cover the board.

3) in addition to the above, according to the field environment and technical requirements to choose tray type, groove type, step type, glass anti-corrosion flame retardant cable tray or steel ordinary bridge. In the dust or other need to cover the environment or outdoor places, please cover the board.

4) When crossing a road section in a public passage or outdoors, a backing plate should be installed at the bottom of the lower staircase or a pallet should be used in the road section. When a large span crosses the public passage, the carrying capacity of the bridge can be increased or the frame can be selected according to user requirements.

5) For large span (3 m), please select composite frame (FB).

6) Please use the finger frame (f) made of composite epoxy resin outdoors.

Selection of 2. cable tray specifications

1) The width and height of the composite epoxy resin cable tray are selected as shown in the following table. The true charge rate of the cable shall not exceed the specified value of the relevant standards. The power cable shall be 40-50%, the control cable shall be 50-70%, and the other 10-25% formula shall be used to ensure the development margin.

2) all kinds of bending and accessories specifications must meet the engineering layout conditions, and supporting the bridge.

3) the choice of the specifications of the branch and the hanger, according to the specifications of the bridge, the number of layers, the span and other conditions. Must meet the requirements of the load.

3. about the configuration of branches and hangers of cable tray

1) The short span of indoor support and hanging is usually 1.5-3m; The middle span of outdoor column is usually 6 m.

2) The arrangement of supports and suspenders in the nonlinear section shall follow the following principles: when the bridge width is 300mm, in addition to meeting the following conditions, supports and suspenders shall be added in the central part of the nonlinear section.

3) when the tensile glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray is multi-layer, the center spacing between layers is 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 350mm.

4) The straight section of the bridge must have an expansion joint of 20-30mm (metal bridge) every 50m.

4. Several Calculation Formulas of Cable Tray

The cable tray is stamped with thin steel plate. Its carrying capacity has certain limits. The size of the cable tray carrying capacity is related to the size of the rack and the supporting distance. For the same supporting distance and bending convex deformation, the load capacity of the side height bridge is large, and the load capacity of the bridge is small. In addition, in the case of the same load capacity, in the cable tray of the same specification, the bending deformation of the supporting distance is smaller than the supporting distance. Cable tray is usually installed every 1.5~2.0m a set of brackets.

The above introduction is the selection and calculation method of cable tray, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!

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