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The difference between spray bridge and fire bridge processing technology


spray plasticBridgeAnd fireproof bridge processing technology difference.

Fire bridge is in the hot galvanized cable bridge surface spraying a layer of fire retardant coating, so that the bridge itself has flame retardant. How to do a good job in the maintenance of the cable tray? When the hot-dip galvanized bridge encounters a fire accident, the flame will ignite on the fire bridge. Cable bridge fire safety coating-galvanized bridge-fireproof cable bridge-fireproof bridge itself will have a practical effect, which can burn in the sun, but also heat insulation, to prevent the tank of the electric braided line is high temperature ignition. Paint construction drying time is short; coating corrosion resistance and wear resistance than many; no topcoat; simple construction, hot-dip galvanized bridge acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, because the production of fire safety coating, and to be in high temperature paint production manufacturing, so high adhesion.

Spraying plastic bridge is a kind of metal surface treatment method of spraying plastic electrostatic powder on the bridge. No diluent is required, and the project construction has no pollution to the natural environment and no harmful substances. Excellent coating quality, strong adhesion and good impact toughness; The drying time of paint construction is short; The corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the coating are much better than those of others. No topcoat is needed; The construction is simple and the technical standard is low. The cost is lower than the spraying process. Some engineering construction sites have clearly pointed out the need to apply electrostatic powder spraying process: in the whole electrostatic induction powder spraying process, it is not easy to understand the general situation of the spraying process.

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