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Attention points of cable tray


  Cable TrayThere are many types, generally divided into trough type, tray type and ladder type, net type, etc. It consists of a bracket, a support arm and equipment accessories. At the same time, the cable tray also has a lot of points to pay attention.

1. The distance between the cable tray and the electrical equipment should be greater than 0.5 meters.

2. When two sets of cable trays are parallel at the same height, the distance between the trays should be greater than 0.6m..

3. When the cable is stored in the trunking, the function of the fireproof cable tray and related parameters. The cables in the trunking shall be straight.

4. When installed in the ceiling, a vertical gap of 80mm should be maintained with the side where the slot cover is opened, and the utilization rate of the slot section should be less than 50%.

There are many places to pay attention to when installing the cable tray. The following small series to explain to you.

1. Check. When the cable tray enters the construction site, the product factory certificate, periodic inspection report and relevant technical appraisal documents shall be submitted. At the same time, the thickness of the cable tray plate should meet the relevant requirements. Its surface should be uniform, should not be overfired, hanging ash, local without glaze and other defects.

2. Installation position. When laying horizontally, the height from the ground should generally not be less than 2.5m; multi-layer laying, for heat dissipation, maintenance and anti-interference needs, the bridge can leave a certain distance between the bridge layers. When various pipelines are laid in parallel, the net distance shall comply with relevant regulations.

3. Installation of bracket and hanger. The quality of supports and hangers shall meet the current relevant technical standards. When laying horizontally, the support span is generally 1.5~3m; when laying vertically, the fixed spacing shall not be greater than 2m; the horizontal height difference between two adjacent bridge arms shall not be greater than 10mm. Cable tray is a commonly used product in the power industry. The installation and construction of the cable tray requires the function and related parameters of the fireproof cable tray.

Cable tray installation should be firm, keep horizontal and vertical. The left and right deviation of horizontal supports and hangers shall not be greater than 10mm, and the height shall not be greater than 5mm. If installed with other pipes, the bridge should be placed on one side of the pipe rack. If it is a combustible gas pipeline, the cable tray should be placed in a place with a low risk factor. If the low-voltage power cables and control cables use the same ladder, it is necessary to place a partition between them.

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