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The main advantages of cable tray


  Cable TrayThat is, we commonly used "galvanized cable tray", waterproof cable tray cable tray must have waterproof performance, because water-based components can easily lead to rapid rust corrosion of cable tray. Waterproof cable tray can extend the service life of the cable tray, cable tray with waterproof performance is called "waterproof cable tray".

1. Has a certain anti-strike performance, the use of this cable tray pressure is not easy to bend deformation;

2. The processing cost is low, and the cost of hot-dip galvanized cable tray is lower than that of other coated cable trays;

3. Lightweight and beautiful, especially the cold galvanized bridge, the outer surface is smooth, the glass fiber reinforced plastic bridge is bright, and the coating of the white passivation process will be bluish white;

4. The processing saves time and effort, and the hot-dip galvanizing process is faster than other coating construction methods, and it can save the time required for coating on the construction site after the equipment is installed.

In fact, different cable tray in the performance is a lot of differences, but to know that although there are many differences, but the performance is also a lot. At the same time, only reading with these new attributes can become a good cable tray, which is what we should choose.

1. Due to its effective own weight, the cable tray will not be damaged by this shortage because of its effective age. When the initial best and effective pause is perceived, it should have consumed too much of the best and effective capital and economy.

2. Cable tray can be erected independently, can also be laid in a variety of buildings (structures) and pipe gallery support, reflecting the simple structure, beautiful appearance, flexible configuration, convenient maintenance and so on. Regarding the characteristics of the cable tray, all parts need to be galvanized.

3. If the bridge is installed in the open air outside the building near the sea or in a corrosive area, the material needs to have the physical properties of corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, good adhesion and high impact strength.

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