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The role of cable tray


Currently used fire protectionCable TrayIt has the advantages of simple installation, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance in the later period. Cable tray manufacturers have a wide range of applications, mainly used in some buildings outside. Including groove type and tray type, can be used in different occasions. What is the installation standard of cable tray? Let's take a look!

1. When installing the cable trough with a stainless steel tray, in the loading step, the cable trough should pay attention to what needs to be firm. The horizontal and vertical deviation of the support and hanger walking along the cable tray shall be less than 10mm, and the height deviation shall be less than 5mm.

2. When the cable tray is installed together with the process pipeline, the cable tray should be arranged on one side of the bracket; if there is a combustion gas pipeline, the cable should be erected on the low-risk power supply side.

3. If there is no provision in the design, the distance between the cable tray of the stainless steel tray, the distance between the upper cable tray and the top of the trench or the ground, and the distance between the lower cable tray and the bottom of the trench or the ground should not be less than a certain range.

(1) cable tray to be installed in the corrosive liquid pipe.

(2) cable tray to be located below the thermal pipeline.

(3) when the flammable and explosive gas is heavier than air, the cable tray should be equipped with piping.

(4) when the flammable and explosive gas is lighter than air, the cable tray should be under the pipeline.

4. Fireproof bridge shall not be laid in parallel with the following pipelines. If necessary, the position of the cable tray should meet the following requirements. Corresponding protective measures can also be taken.

5. The distance between the cable tray and the pipeline should meet the requirements.

6. In any of the following cases, please cover the cable tray or protective cap.

(1) When the cable tray is installed under the porous equipment (such as iron grid). Please add a protective plate or cover on the upper cable tray. If the upper cable bridge is wider than the lower cable bridge

(2) Place the cable rack in a position susceptible to mechanical damage and install a protective cover.

7. When the stainless steel bridge is installed over the wall, the sealing device should be selected according to the environmental conditions. When the cable tray passes through the wall from indoor to outdoor, external rainproof measures shall be taken.

Cables are led into the room from a high place outside. The cable tray shall be moved down first. Install cable tray need to pay attention to what? Then should be indoor level guide. When the bridge is used for the cable bridge, it is recommended to use the cable ladder in the outdoor horizontal section to prevent rainwater from flowing into the room along the cable bridge.

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