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Cable tray in the load step to pay attention to what


FitCable TrayNeed to pay attention to what?

When installing the cable tray, the load is a very important data, and the common spray method of the spray tray is also the data that needs to be understood. This is very important for the installation, so many people in the choice of cable tray is most concerned about the load. Because the load of the cable tray will have different choices according to different situations. The fixed cable tray also has a fixed load capacity for different models and types. Therefore, the cable tray-galvanized bridge-fireproof cable tray in use, be sure to check the actual site requirements and needs, and then select the required cable tray specifications and models.

The carrying capacity of the cable tray also depends on how many support points are needed and the number of layers of different types of trays. At ordinary times, we must have a certain understanding of the common ways of spraying plastic bridge. What is the use of cable trays? According to the introduction on the Internet, other loads can be added to the cable tray, and these loads can be increased by increasing the thickness of the tray or other methods. The above is the introduction of the carrying capacity of the cable tray.

For most consumers, it is necessary to understand the information of the cable tray, so you will definitely want to know the basic information of the cable tray. At the same time, I think you need to know the precautions for its installation. After all, installation is also very important to us.

So be sure to understand the matters needing attention in the installation of cable tray. What's the use? According to the introduction on the Internet, it can be found that the main thing to pay attention to is the appearance inspection, because the appearance is really important, and the quality assurance of these appearances must be guaranteed. This is the only way to meet the needs of more people. Of course, I also think you need to pay attention to the installation location of this cable reel, because this installation location is also very important and can bring great help to most of our consumers. At the same time, it should also be found that the wholesale price of this cable is also very cheap and can be mass produced.

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