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Selection points of ladder type cable tray


TrapezoidCable TrayWhat are the main points of the choice?

No matter what kind of goods you choose, you should be treated with caution. Next, let me introduce to you the relevant content-what are the key points of the choice of ladder cable tray?

Product selection points:

1. Cable trays, trunking, supports and hangers shall be made of corrosion-resistant rigid materials or treated with anti-corrosion. The anti-corrosion treatment of steel cable tray should meet the requirements of engineering environment and durability.

2. Cable tray, cable tray in the fire requirements of the section. Fire-resistant or flame-retardant plates, nets and other materials can be added into the cable ladder and bridge to form a closed or semi-closed structure, and measures such as coating fire-retardant coating on the surface of the bridge and its supports and hangers are taken.

3. When selecting the load level of the cable tray, the uniform load of the cable tray should not be greater than the rated uniform load of the selected cable tray load level. When the actual span of the cable bridge support and hanger is not equal to 2m, the uniform load should meet the requirements.

4. In a variety of components, supports and hangers to meet the corresponding load conditions, the size of the steel cable tray should be matched with the straight and curved section of the bridge and ladder.

5. When choosing the bending or leading device of the cable tray, cable tray and something you don't know, it should not be less than the allowable bending radius of the cable in the cable tray.

6. The width and height of the cable tray should meet the requirements of the filling rate. Under normal circumstances, steel cable tray power cable ladder filling rate should be 40% ~ 50%, control cable filling rate should be 50% ~ 70%, and should be reserved for 10% ~ 25% for engineering development.

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