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Guangzhou busway manufacturers talk about busway waterproof measures and problems in use


We know that dense busbar will encounter more and more problems in use, especially when dense busbar encounters water. I believe many people know that dense busbar will cause great harm, so Guangzhou busbar manufacturers talk about the waterproof measures and treatment methods of dense busbar.

  Guangzhou busway manufacturersIt is said that there will be some problems with the bus duct. In order to avoid or reduce the impact, the bus duct is required to be waterproof and dustproof during installation to ensure that the bus duct can work well.

When installing the bus duct, the bus duct manufacturer in Guangzhou should first pay attention to its environmental conditions to see if the humidity in the environment will affect the work of the bus duct. According to the environmental conditions, select the appropriate parameters of the bus duct. Avoid unnecessary failures caused by bus duct failures due to environmental factors.

The waterproof bus duct must be waterproof when in use, because when water enters the bus duct, the insulation performance of the bus duct will deteriorate, and the long-term use of the bus duct will cause short circuit and power supply problems, which will affect the work. Although the bus duct itself has good waterproof measures, but in the installation, or to take certain waterproof protection measures.

When the bus duct crosses the floor, it is necessary to find a good threading point to avoid mutual leakage between floors due to bad weather and affect the use of bus duct. If the bus duct fails during use, it may cause some harm to the user, so no matter where it is used, pay attention to the waterproof measures of the bus duct!

Guangzhou busway manufacturers introduce waterproof busway related technical parameters:

Insulation resistance: at room temperature, the insulation resistance of each bus duct accessory is not less than 1000 mω, and the insulation resistance of each bus duct accessory is not less than 200 mω; At 100 ℃;

The shell has high impact resistance and can accept mechanical impact greater than 20J;

Burning at 950 ℃-1000 ℃ for more than 2 hours will not stop the line;

Cold resistance (-40 ℃), ultraviolet resistance, alkali resistance below 160 ℃ outdoor temperature, busway fittings can be processed, and can work normally in deep water above 3.000m;

General cables can still work when immersed in water, while general bus duct fittings are afraid of water, even IP54 bus duct fittings are also afraid of water intrusion, reducing the insulation function of bus duct fittings. Water is the biggest obstacle to the application of busway accessories. Waterproof busbar is not inferior to the cable, its shell protection level reached IP68. It can be soaked in water for a long time, and the insulation resistance of the bus duct joint is not reduced.

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