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Guangzhou bus duct manufacturers introduce what is the bus duct


 Guangzhou busway manufacturersSaid the bus duct is a very long cable iron box, from the top cover, the distribution cable enclosure (supply the main power cable is not necessarily copper row, copper row is not allowed to surround). Because buses are often very long, many iron boxes are actually connected together. The joint ends of each iron box shall be connected to each other with flexible wires (usually soft copper strips). Finally, both ends should be well grounded to ensure that leakage will not harm the human body. To explain in professional terms, busway is a safe and reliable transmission equipment, in the face of modern high-rise buildings and large plants, the need for huge power and hundreds of amperes of strong current. The bus duct has the characteristics of series matching, commercial production, small size, large capacity, short design and construction period, convenient disassembly and assembly, non-burning, safe and reliable, and long service life.

The bus bar refers to a product made of copper and aluminum material with high conductivity, which is used to transmit electric energy and collect and distribute electric power. Through it, the electrical energy output by the generator, transformer or rectifier is transmitted to various users or other substations.

Guangzhou busway manufacturers said that busbar refers to the connection of voltage distribution devices at all levels in the substation, as well as the connection of transformers and other electrical equipment with the corresponding distribution devices. Most of the use of rectangular or circular cross-section of the bare wire or stranded wire, collectively referred to as the bus.

The function of the bus is to collect, distribute and transmit electrical energy. In the power system, the bus connects all the current-carrying branches in the distribution device, and plays the role of collecting, distributing and transmitting electric energy.

Guangzhou busway manufacturers said according to the shape and structure, can be roughly divided into the following three categories:

Hard bus: including rectangular bus, slot bus and tubular bus.

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