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Guangzhou Trunking Manufacturers Tell About Ground Metal Trunking Installation


  Guangzhou trunking manufacturerstell the ground metal trunking installation:

1. Materials and equipment

Ground slot is generally divided into three slots, double slot, single slot, specifications are 50*50, 70*50, 100*50 and so on. The ground groove is made of stainless steel, hot dip galvanized, aluminum alloy and other materials, and the surface is not easy to rust. The slotted non-threaded interface is adopted to avoid damage caused by screw damage during transportation or construction. The standard length of the trunking is 3M, which can be specially processed according to user needs. Outlet size: φ42mm, φ62mm, φ88mm. The groove distance (mm) is divided into 3000 and 2400.200.600, etc.

Installation tools: screwdriver, file, hacksaw, thread machine, saw, wrench, hand drill. The measuring instrument requires glass tube level and liquid level.

2. Installation process

Pay-off positioning according to the drawing-install the trunking bracket-install the trunking connecting rod-install the trunking powder box-adjust the elevation of the trunking and accessories-check the reliability of the connection parts-install the protective cover and waterproof sealing treatment before pouring-remove the protective cover after pouring-install the threading, ground socket and other equipment and wiring.

3. Quality standards

Standards and codes adopted for construction methods:

1.GB 50303-2002 Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Building Electrical Engineering

Technical Code for Installation and Construction of Building Engineering (dbj14-032-2004).

Guangzhou trunking manufacturers about quality control measures:

1. Set up a set of plywood supports every 1.5 meters.

2. The interface should be coated with sealant to prevent concrete from penetrating into the groove.

3. Junction box and outlet box should be horizontal.

4. The total cross section of the conductor in the slot shall not exceed 30% of the cross section in the slot.

5. Strictly control the quality of materials, procurement personnel responsible for material acceptance.

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