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Guangzhou Trunking Manufacturers Tell About Metal Trunking Bending and Hoisting Methods


  Guangzhou trunking manufacturersNow many places need metal trunking, many friends do not know how to install. Don't worry about it. Today, Guangzhou trunking manufacturers will teach you to find out the answer and let you know more.

Trunking, also known as wiring trunking, distribution trunking, trunking (varies from place to place), is an electrical appliance that is used to standardize power lines, data lines and other wires fixed on the wall or ceiling. Trunking can be divided into insulated trunking, dial trunking, mini trunking, separate trunking, interior decoration trunking, integral insulated trunking, telephone trunking, Japanese telephone trunking, open wire trunking, round wire tube, exhibition partition trunking, round floor trunking, soft round floor trunking, cover trunking, etc.

Guangzhou trunking manufacturer said that the metal trunking and its accessories: the inside and outside of the metal trunking should be smooth and flat, without ribs, distortion, warping and other deformation phenomena. Galvanized molded products shall be used. The model and specification shall meet the design requirements. Insulated wire: its model and specification shall meet the design requirements and have a product certificate. Screw connection buckle: suitable for aluminum wire crimping below 6mm2. The corresponding type of reinforced insulated steel shell screw connection buckle shall be selected according to the conductor section and the number of conductors.

When laying, the number of elbows shall be reduced as much as possible. There shall be no more than 3 elbows in each pipe, no more than 2 right-angle elbows, and there shall be no S-shaped elbows.

The bending of metal trunking is usually done with an elbow. First, put the front section of the pipe to be bent in the pipe bender, and put the weld on the back or side of the bending direction to prevent the pipe from bending flat. Then, put your feet on the pipe and hold the pipe bender in your hand to get the desired degree of bending. The nozzle of the concealed pipe should be smooth, with insulating sleeve, and the protruding part of the nozzle should be 25-30mm.

The metal trunking can be connected with the metal trunking through the inner joint or the outer joint, and the inner joint or the outer joint is fastened with the flat pad and the spring pad through the nut. The cross, T and cross of the metal trunking shall be connected by two-way, three-way and four-way connection, and the junction box shall be set at the wire joint or placed in the electrical appliance. For safety reasons, wire splices are not allowed in metal trunking.

Vertical elbow and vertical elbow shall be adopted at the turning point of metal trunking, and the installation angle shall be suitable. Outlet of metal trunking shall be connected by outlet box, and terminal head shall be installed at the end. The inlet and outlet lines of boxes, boxes and cabinets shall be connected by holding feet.

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