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How to install the trunking, now many consumers are not very good, often encounter this kind of problem. The first thing to do is to install it so that the trunking can play a greater role. However, the installation of the trunking is not a simple matter, and the correct method needs to be followed to ensure the quality. So,Guangzhou trunking manufacturerstell you how to install trunking?

1) The trunking shall be smooth and free of distortion, the inner wall shall be free of burrs, the joints shall be tight and straight, and all kinds of accessories shall be complete.

2) The connection of the trunking shall be smooth, the joint shall be tight and straight, the trough cover shall be smooth, without warping angle, and the position of the outlet shall be correct.

3) When the trunking passes through the deformation joint, the trunking itself shall be disconnected, and the trunking shall be connected with a connecting plate and shall not be fixed. The protective ground wire shall be provided with compensation margin. One bolt shall be fixed for the transverse denier of trunking below CT300 * 100, and two bolts shall be fixed for trunking above CT400 * 100.

4) All non-conductive parts of the non-metallic trunking should be connected and bridged accordingly to form a whole and be connected as a whole.

5) For trunking laid in the shaft and trunking crossing different fire zones, fire prevention and blocking measures shall be taken according to the design requirements.

6) The length of straight end steel trunking is greater than 30m plus expansion joints, and compensation devices are set at the cross deformation joints of cable trunking.

7) The total length of the metal cable trunking and its support should be connected to the grounding (PE) or zero (PEN) trunk at not less than 2 places.

8) Both ends of the connecting plate between the non-galvanized cable trunking intersect with the copper core grounding wire, and the minimum allowable cross-sectional area of the grounding wire is not less than BVR-4mm

9) The end of the connecting plate between the galvanized cable trunking should not cross the grounding wire, but the two ends of the connecting plate should be no less than two connecting fixing bolts with lock nuts or lock washers.

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