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  Guangzhou trunking manufacturersWhat are the performance advantages of galvanized trunking? Nowadays, galvanized trunking is widely used in many construction industries. As a way to improve the stability and aesthetics of wire connection and higher economic and technical performance, galvanized wire trunking has huge market potential. The following describes the performance advantages of galvanized tank manufacturers. The galvanized trunking adopts advanced technology, and the surface galvanized layer is hot-dip galvanized to ensure that the threading pipe has excellent durability and anti-corrosion performance.

Guangzhou trunking manufacturers said trunking can be divided into: insulated trunking, dial trunking, mini trunking, separated trunking, interior decoration trunking, comprehensive insulated trunking, telephone trunking, Japanese telephone trunking, open wire trunking, circular trunking, exhibition partition trunking, etc.

Trunking is often used for laying wires and weak current wires, and small cables are no problem. In fact, the medium and high voltage wires are laid in the trunking, and the cross section is enlarged a lot, so you can wear the pipe as much as possible. Galvanized trunking is a fully enclosed cable tray, which is suitable for laying computer control cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other highly sensitive systems. In a strong corrosive environment, it has a good effect on the shielding interference of the control cable and the protection of the cable. When trunking straight through is considered as shielding, the surface treatment shall be galvanized.

Galvanized trunking has good fireproof performance. Compared with traditional welding, the galvanized trunking adopts the "socket buckle" welding method, which eliminates the fire hazard on the construction site. The threading pipe can also protect the wire from open fire and spontaneous combustion to prevent fire.

1. Galvanized trunking has good overall cohesion, adopts advanced connection technology, omits the complicated procedures of traditional links such as jumpers, reduces working hours and facilitates construction;

2. The galvanized trunking adopts excellent steel pipe, which has good explosion-proof performance and shielding performance to ensure safe use;

3. Under the premise of strengthening the strength of the pipeline, the galvanized tank greatly reduces the thickness of the pipe wall. Reduce weight, more convenient construction, reduce loading and unloading costs, and increase work efficiency by 6-8 times.

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