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Guangzhou Trunking Manufacturers Tell How to Buy Hot Galvanized Trunking


Guangzhou trunking manufacturers tell how to buy hot dip galvanized trunking? Now some of the construction industry in many industries will choose our hot dip galvanized trunking. However, when choosing hot-dip galvanized trunking, choose good quality and the like, so that it is better to operate in the work. Take a look today.

The hot-dip galvanized trunking is composed of hot-extruded glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes, which is suitable for wires and cables, frequency conversion cables, lighting lamps and accessories, etc. Compared with iron cable tray, it has the advantages of long service life, convenient installation, low cost, convenient laser cutting and maintenance-free. It is widely used in the laying of hot-dip galvanized cable tray. How can we easily choose the right hot dip galvanized trunking?

1. According to the selection rate of strong and weak power supply, the width and height of galvanized bridge should meet the requirements of filling rate. The general cable filling rate can reach 40%-50%, and the control cable filling rate can reach 50%-70%. Leave 10%-25% development margin.

2. Long-span bridges shall be verified. For steel bridges with a span of more than 6m and aluminum alloy bridges with a span of more than 2m or a load-bearing requirement greater than load level D, strength, rigidity and stability calculations or tests shall be carried out according to engineering conditions.

3. The load level should be greater than the budgeted level. When selecting the load level of the ladder galvanized bridge, the working uniform load of the bridge should not be greater than the rated uniform load of the selected bridge load level. If the actual span of bridge supports and hangers is not equal to 2m, the working uniform load shall meet the requirements.

4. The components must match. The specifications and dimensions of various members and hangers shall match the straight and curved sections of the pallet and ladder under the condition of meeting the corresponding load.

5. Select materials according to the use environment. If the ladder-shaped galvanized bridge, trunking and its supports and hangers are used in corrosive environment, corrosion-resistant rigid materials shall be adopted, or anti-corrosion treatment conforming to the requirements of engineering environment and durability shall be adopted.

When choosing a galvanized bridge, you can easily choose a suitable bridge according to the above techniques, which can not only save time, but also save investment and reduce unnecessary waste.

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