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What is the bus duct


  BusbarIt is a closed metal device composed of copper and aluminum bus bars, which is used to distribute high power to various components of the distributed system.

Busway has the characteristics of commercial production, small size, large capacity, short design and construction period, convenient disassembly and assembly, non-burning, safe and reliable, and long service life.

Insulation is an integral part of the busway equipment and is used to support the conductors in the busway equipment.

The mounting plate is used to support various components and is suitable for plates installed in complete technical equipment.

The mounting frame is used to support various components and is suitable for installation in the equipment frame.

Shell: The shell is an important part that protects the technical equipment from some external environmental factors and prevents the equipment from being directly understood in all development directions.

Door: Hinged or slidable lid.

The cover plate is the upper and lower surfaces of the housing, usually refers to a component on the bus duct equipment, which is used to cover the opening on the housing. The device is fixed with screws or similar methods and is generally not disassembled after being put into use.

The outer surface of the right and left sides of the housing generally refers to one of the busbar means for covering the opening of the housing. Fixed with screws, etc., the equipment is generally not put into operation and then disassembled.

The insulating plate is an important safety protection component used to prevent direct contact from all directions at the entrance and arcing from switchgear and other similar equipment.

Conductors or conductive parts used for conducting electricity in normal use, including the use of neutral conductors, but excluding neutral protection.

Exposed conductive part An accessible conductive part of electrical equipment that is usually not electrically charged, but may be charged in the event of a fault.

The above bus duct is briefly introduced by the bus duct manufacturer in Guangzhou. Hope it can help you.

wenxing electric technology co., ltd. is a professional production of busbar, cable tray, wire tube, galvanized wire set of enterprises. As a manufacturer of busway in Guangzhou, Wenxing has strong production technical force. It has domestic advanced CNC punching machines, hydraulic shearing machines, bending machines, high-frequency welded pipe machines, automatic busway production lines and other mechanical equipment, as well as more than 100 sets of various production equipment, supporting various precision molds and forming multiple production lines. Welcome to consult.

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