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Guangzhou busway manufacturers talk about the advantages of busway


Guangzhou Busbar Slot Manufacturers Tell About Closed Busbar Slot is mainly composed of three parts, namely, the conductor of closed busbar, insulator and shell that can be used for shielding. In this closed bus system, there is a micro-positive pressure device to prevent the insulator from being exposed to the air, and the usability is also improved. So what are the benefits of closed busway? Next, let the fire-resistant busway manufacturers briefly introduce.

First, reduce failure.

It reduces the risk of ground faults, thereby avoiding short circuits at certain ports. If the out-of-phase enclosed bus is used, it can be protected by a certain shell to prevent various failures caused by external moisture and some dust, and the use time will be strengthened.

Second, installation is simple.

Because the equipment is produced in complete sets in the factory, the quality is guaranteed, and during the installation process, as long as we install all the systems, this work will be reduced. You also don't need to set up Internet cafes, which makes the requirements for some earth buildings simpler.

Third, the shielding effect

Because there is a shell outside the closed busway, it can produce shielding, which can eliminate the phenomenon of heating induced by steel. In addition, two laminar flow images of circulation and eddy current can be developed in his shell, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of short circuit failure. And the insulator of the product is smc pressed, which can prevent the insulator from being exposed. At the same time, it is equipped with some working devices for measuring temperature and hydrogen, which can ensure the reliability of the safe operation of the whole management system, and also leave conditions for whether we need ventilation in the later period.

The above Guangzhou busway manufacturers tell you the advantages of closed busway, I hope to help you.

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