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Refractory busway manufacturers, what is the development trend of refractory busway


Refractory busway factory is the production of refractory busway manufacturers, refractory busway has the characteristics of high rated voltage, good fire resistance, is used to transport electrical energy important products. Refractory busbar manufacturers mainly produce all kinds of refractory busbar, including ordinary refractory busbar, special refractory busbar, high temperature refractory busbar, etc. These refractory busbar have excellent fire resistance and can meet the requirements of different environments.



1. Material

The material of refractory busway is generally aluminum and cast iron. The refractory busway made of aluminum has the advantages of light weight, good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for places with low ambient temperature. The refractory busway made of cast iron has the characteristics of high strength and good fire resistance, and is suitable for places with high ambient temperature.

2. Rated voltage

The rated voltage of the fire-resistant busway is generally 450V/750V, and the fire-resistant busway can be customized according to customer requirements. The higher the rated voltage of the fire-resistant busway, the greater the electric energy that can be transported, so as to meet the requirements of different occasions.

3. Installation

The installation requirements of fire-resistant busbar are strict, and they are installed in accordance with relevant standards to ensure the safe use of fire-resistant busbar. The installation of the fire-resistant bus duct must ensure the firmness of the fire-resistant bus duct, avoid swinging, and avoid high temperature contact to ensure the correct use of the fire-resistant bus duct.

4. Inspection

The fire-resistant busbar duct needs to be inspected before production, including dimensional inspection, appearance inspection, performance inspection, etc. The inspection can ensure the quality of the fire-resistant bus duct and ensure that the fire-resistant bus duct can meet the customer's requirements.

5. Application

Refractory bus duct is mainly used in the power industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, etc., to meet the requirements of different environments, its excellent performance makes it widely used in various industries. The application range of fire-resistant bus duct is very wide, mainly used for high temperature and high pressure cable threading, such as power installation, high voltage power line, power plant, petrochemical plant, thermal power station, wind farm and so on.

6. What is the development trend?

With the improvement of the safety and reliability of the power system and cable system, the fire-resistant busbar has received more and more attention, and its development is also constantly developing. In the future, the fire-resistant busbar manufacturers will introduce more efficient, safe and reliable products to meet the needs of users. Refractory busway manufacturers not only provide high-quality refractory busway, but also provide other related products, such as refractory pipes, refractory plates, refractory bricks, etc. These products have good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and can provide certain safety guarantee. Fire-resistant busbar manufacturers also provide related services, such as installation, maintenance, etc., can provide services to ensure the normal operation of the power system.

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