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Introduction of fire-resistant bus duct manufacturer


Fire-resistant busbar is used for wiring, insulation protection of electrical instrumentation, according to the use of different environment, there are many kinds of fire-resistant busbar material, but now the market is common thermoplastic, with good fire resistance, corrosion resistance, more suitable for use in humid or corrosive gas environment.

  Fire-resistant bus duct manufacturersThere are many, but how to choose a suitable fire-resistant busway manufacturers is a very important issue, first of all, we should examine the quality of manufacturers, a fire-resistant busway manufacturers of product quality will be very good, the physical properties of the product will be relatively stable, antioxidant performance will be better, and the price is also very reasonable, can provide customers with more concessions.

In addition, but also to examine the manufacturer's after-sales service, a strength of the fire-resistant bus duct manufacturers will provide perfect after-sales service, not only in the product before leaving the factory will carry out strict inspection, in the process of use, if there are any problems, manufacturers will provide timely solutions to help customers solve the problems encountered in use, so that customers can rest assured to use.

In short, when choosing a refractory busway manufacturer, we must carefully examine the product quality and after-sales service of the manufacturer. Only in this way can we ensure the quality and performance of the purchased refractory busway and use it more safely.

  Fire-resistant bus duct manufacturersIt is mainly used in industrial field and is an important component of cable system. It is known for its excellent fire resistance and safe and reliable performance. Moreover, the cost performance of refractory busbar duct manufacturers is also very high



Reliable 1. quality, safe and reliable

The material of refractory busway is generally cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc., the use of excellent raw materials, through the strict process of production of products, reliable quality, safe and reliable, can meet the needs of enterprises.

Excellent 2. fire resistance

The fire-resistant bus duct has excellent fire resistance, the fire-resistant temperature can reach 1300 ℃, which can resist high temperature, effectively protect the cable system and ensure the normal operation of the cable.

3. beautiful appearance

The surface of the fire-resistant busbar groove has a surface treatment with high smoothness and low roughness, and the shape is novel and beautiful, which can meet the different aesthetic requirements of the enterprise.

4. cost-effective

The price of fire-resistant busbar is higher than that of other cable system components, and the cost of installation and use is lower, so the proportion of fire-resistant busbar used by enterprises is also getting higher and higher.

5. easy to operate, quick installation

The installation and operation of the fire-resistant bus duct is very convenient, not only can be installed on site, but also can be prefabricated, which can save enterprise installation time and improve work efficiency.

In general,Fire-resistant bus duct manufacturersThe advantages are very obvious, reliable quality, excellent fire resistance, beautiful appearance, high cost performance, convenient operation and quick installation. At the same time, the fire-resistant bus duct manufacturers also have good after-sales service, which has been favored by enterprises.

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