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Refractory busway manufacturers share: how to choose their own busway?


Refractory busbar is an essential electrical equipment in the power industry, it can withstand high temperature, high pressure, high strength current, to ensure the safe operation of power equipment. However, there are many different types of fire-resistant busbar on the market, making it difficult for people to choose their own products. So, how to choose suitable for their own fire-resistant bus duct? This article will be from the fire-resistant bus duct structure, material, function, etc., to provide you with some suggestions.

First of all, to choose a suitable fire-resistant busway, you must understand the structure of the fire-resistant busway. The fire-resistant bus duct is mainly composed of bus duct body, conductive parts, supporting parts, grounding parts, etc. The fire-resistant bus duct with different structures is suitable for different occasions. For example, the busway body may be selected from a right-angle slot, a bent slot, a T-shaped slot, a cross slot, and the like; the conductive member may be selected from a copper row, an aluminum row, and the like; and the support member may be selected from a U-shaped bracket, an L-shaped bracket, and the like.

Secondly, the choice of suitable for their own fire-resistant busway also need to pay attention to the choice of material. There are many kinds of materials of refractory busbar, for example, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, steel plate, copper, etc., each material has its specific purpose. For example, the fire-resistant busbar made of copper has the advantages of good conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc., and is suitable for occasions requiring high conductivity; while the fire-resistant busbar made of aluminum is light in weight and low in price, and is suitable for small and medium-sized power equipment.

Finally, to choose a suitable fire-resistant bus duct, you also need to consider its function. Now the fire-resistant bus duct function is more and more diversified, for example, some fire-resistant bus duct can be remote monitoring, temperature detection, leakage protection, etc., these functions can further improve the safety and reliability of the equipment.

In short, in order to choose the right refractory busway products, we must understand the structure, material and function of the refractory busway. Only after in-depth understanding of these aspects, we can choose the most suitable fire-resistant busbar products, to ensure the normal operation of power equipment.

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